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Hyrdroponics experts know that environment is everything and insist on BudBox grow-rooms

New AirSocksNew micropore fabric is adopted by AirSock

Our AirSocks are made from an scientifically developed fabric with an open mesh structure consisting of millions of micro pores measuring no larger than six microns. AirSocks offer superb protection from unwanted bugs while promoting the correct air distribution throughout all sizes of our grow rooms.


New ThermoTekKeep warm this winter!

After years of testing our new highly technical material has been formed into a warm and snug cover that is worn over the top and bottom of the grow room cover aimed at protecting your environment from the cold. The base forms a barrier between the cold floor and your plants, while the hood helps to keep you enregy bills down by locking in the heat and preventing it from escaping.

New Aqua Tanks
Available in 100 and 250 Litres

Our new Aqua Tanks offer a collapsible water tank and come in two convenient sizes a popular 100 Litres and a larger 250 Litres. They have filtered water inlets and outlets. The material is non toxic and 100% lightproof. Every tank is filled prior to shipping to ensure there are no nasty leaks.

New Photographs
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Download: PrintPack.zip (300.89MB)
Professional product shots are freely available of all of the BudBox V2 sizes in both white and silver along with all the new and exciting accessories.

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Global Hydro
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Distributor for Spain:
Cultiva Technologies
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H.G.P Groothandel
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